You need refinery fuel additives that comply with the latest fuel specifications. Dorf Ketal can help. Dorf Ketal is the only company that develops, manufactures and services refineries with process chemicals for refining operations and fuel additives for finished fuels. This positions us with unique skills to engineer the right solution to meet the challenges you face. Our extensive no-harm testing ensures compatibility of our additives in the fuel blend and also with other types of additives. Our work with major oil companies around the world gives us a leading edge in complying with the latest fuel specifications, a competitive edge which delivers operating flexibility and profit solutions for our customers.

Our Refinery Fuel Additives:

  • Meet distillate fuel specifications
  • Increase profitability
  • Navigate across broad regulatory requirements
  • Increase fuel performance

Our experienced refinery fuel consultants are available to share cost-effective and reliable ways to upgrade the fuel streams in your refinery. Service includes onsite monitoring and analyses, predictive models and proprietary reporting.

Our portfolio of approved products includes fuel specification additives for octane and cetane improvement, as well as lubricity improvers for low sulfur fuels. We also help you deliver on-specification fuels with our corrosion protection and conductivity improvement additives.

Our refinery fuel additives include antioxidants, cold-flow and conductivity improvers, dehazers, H2S and mercaptan scavengers, octane and cetane improvers, lubricity improvers, metal deactivators, diesel stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors.

Meet industry requirements reliably and profitably.
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