The cost of hydrogen sulfide scavenging in the production, transport and refining of crude oil is increasing due to more restrictive regulations and increased presence of H2S. MEA-triazine is the most commonly used chemistry for applications requiring a non-regenerative H2S scavenger. MMA-triazine and Glyoxal chemistries offer performance benefits versus MEA, but MEA-triazine is the most widely used scavenger because it is the lowest cost solution. Triazines offer lower cost in use despite the fact that the molar efficiency of triazine chemistry in capturing H2S is significantly below theoretical maximum efficiency.

TANSCIENT v. traditional phosphate esters

MAXSCAV™ is new technology that dramatically improves performance at high temperatures and decreases the cost of MEA and MMA triazine and Glyoxal H2S scavengers. The reduction in MEA-triazine required to scavenge the H2S offers potential to reduce line item chemical expense by up 25% to 50%. The ability to maintain improved performance at increased temperatures increases operating flexibility. Reductions in amine usage contribute to lower amine cycle concentrations and reduces the stress on desalter performance and the risk of overhead corrosion.

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