Closely held Dorf Ketal Chemicals was founded in 1992 in Mumbai.

Today, Dorf Ketal is one of the world’s largest suppliers of process chemicals and additives for refineries, petrochemicals, fuels, plastics, lubricants and oil stimulation industries. Its process chemicals business treats over one-third of the oil refined by the 20 largest refineries in the world. It’s Speciality Catalyst business is the largest manufacturer and marketer of organometallic catalysts in the world.

What does Dorf Ketal mean?

The petrochemical and refining business is not just who we service, its very foundations are built into the company name. When founded, the Menon brothers created the name Dorf Ketal, which stands for:

Drilling Oil Refining Fuels and Ketone Aldehydes

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Key Acquisitions

We have built platform businesses that produce a consistent track record of organic growth.  These same businesses have allowed us to leverage strategic acquisitions to further accelerate profitable growth.

Dorf Ketal acquires Fluid Energy group's global modified and synthetic acid business
Dorf Ketal acquires Canada's Fluid Energy Group's global modified and synthetic acid business, including the Triton industrial business
Dorf Ketal acquires Clariant’s North American Land Oil business
Dorf Ketal acquires Clariant’s North American Land Oil business, a provider of chemical technologies and services to the North American oil and gas industry
Acquisition of Khyati Chemicals
Dorf Ketal acquires Khyati Chemicals and enter into performance chemicals business
Dorf Ketal - Tribonds joint venture
Dorf Ketal Chemicals entered into a Joint Venture agreement with TriBonds Chemicals
Acquires Flow-Chem Technologies LLC
Acquires Flow-Chem Technologies, a specialty oilfield chemical provider with blending facilities and multiple warehouses
Acquires Filtra Catalysts and Chemicals
Acquires Filtra Catalysts and Chemicals, a producer of adsorbents and catalysts for downstream O&G
Expands Responsible Care Global Charter
Adds Responsible Care® certification in India
Enters distribution partnership with Ashland Water Technologies
Forms a strategic distribution agreement for North America and the Carribean with Ashland Water Technologies
Adds Vertec Technology
Acquires organo-metallic intellectual property from Johnson Matthey
Finalizes expansion of its organic titanate plant
Expands organo titanate plant in Mundra, India, making it the largest facility of its kind in the world
Acquires Tyzor business from DuPont
Acquires U.S. based DuPont Chemicals and Fluoro Products specialities catalysts business, including Tyzor® Catalysts
Acquires Intec Speciality Polymers
Acquires Intec Speciality Polymers, manufacturer of organic titanates, polyvinyl formal and poly isocyanates
Responsible Care® certification
Becomes U.S. Responsible Care® certified company
ExxonMobil Lubricant Component Additives
Acquires lubricant component additives business from ExxonMobil
Opens offices in Asia
Opens offices in China and Singapore
Applications patented
Key refinery and petroeum applications patented
Plastic Additives
Acquires UOP Plastic Additives business
Dorf Ketal USA
Dorf Ketal Chemicals USA is formed
Fuel Additives
Acquires UOP fuel addtives business
1998 - 2002
India operations ISO certified
Becomes first Indian chemical company with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001 certifications;
- 1998: ISO 9001 certificates
- 2001: OHSAS 18001
- 2002: ISO 14001
Manufacturing and R&D laboratories built
Manufacturing and R&D laboratories built
Dorf Ketal founded
Closely held Dorf Ketal Chemicals was founded in 1992 in Mumbai