TANSCIENT™ is a patented breakthrough in corrosion science that allows for safe and reliable refining of high TAN opportunity crudes. Its superior phosphorous efficiency means you gain more control of your corrosion protection and reduce your risk in addressing variations in naphthenic acid composition.  TANSCIENT™ offers more effective passivation and ongoing protection with up to 80% less phosphorus than competitor HTCI products. 

Key benefits include:

  • Superior thermal stability and oil solubility
  • Maximum surface reactivity, more effective protection
  • Low acidity, does not require cooled slipstream for injection
  • Familiar, easy-to-implement phosphorus-based passivation
  • Reduces risk of phosphorus fouling and catalyst impairment

TANSCIENT v. traditional phosphate estersIncreased thermal stability and oil solubility
As described in our four patents and March 2017 HP article,  TANSCIENT’s thermal stability and oil solubility helps deliver unprecedented P-efficiency. Conventional phosphate esters used in HTCI lose 75% of their phosphorous in less than 30 minutes of exposure to high temperatures, while TANSCIENT retains more than 90% of its phosphorous content after 2 hours. We achieve this thermal stability and oil solubility by esterification and ethoxylation of the phosphate ester to a polymeric triester.

Improved surface adsorption
The difference doesn’t stop with the production of a polymeric triester. The alcohol reacted with the ester is synthesized to deliver the high solubility of long chain hydrocarbons and the increased stability of branching those chains. This advanced chemistry allows polyphosphate penetration of the FeS layer with a phosphate rich outer layer to enhance protection with Fe polyphosphate and a more robust Fe scale.

Treat rate comparison
Higher P-efficiency means you feed less phosphorous to get the corrosion protection you need. Current treat rates with traditional phosphate esters are typically in the range of 0.7 ppm to 4 ppm of P. The amount of P required to obtain equal corrosion protection with TANSCIENT™ is approximately 0.1 ppm to 0.5 ppm P. For refiners desiring very low corrosion rates or operation at higher TAN, TANSCIENT™ offers the option to increase treat rates without concern about the impact of high phosphorus levels. This also offers greater flexibility to respond to a sudden spike of TAN or loss of passivation. For refiners using high TAN sporadically, TANSCIENT™ offers more flexibility to safely build passivation layer with minimum impact on existing surface chemistry.

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