Is combating corrosion in your Crude Unit Overhead a constant challenge? Hydrogen chloride, ammonium chloride and amine chloride are the main culprits. Effective desalting is one of the weapons in arresting them.  

Factors challenging your system include:

  • Tramp Amines – Todays crude processing environment can lead to unwanted amine content in the raw crude that left untreated can significantly contribute to salt deposition and under deposit corrosion in the tower overhead system and top pump around.
  • Salt Point / Dew Point – Understanding the thermodynamics of any overhead system is integral to its reliability. The ability to properly calculate and predict salt and dew points is critical to the selection of the right neutralizer to achieve reliable operations and make scheduled turnarounds.
  • Responding to market demand – The ability to change cut points without inadvertent corrosion or fouling is essential for optimizing tower operations to maximize profitability.

We engineer solutions by:

  • Using your plant’s current and historical data to identify factors that may be problem contributors
  • Conducting laboratory simulations of the dew point condition to analyze the corrosion potential in your system.
  • Mapping the electrolytes in the overhead system.
  • Assessing the wash water injection systems to reduce corrosion rates in the overhead.
  • Selecting the right chemistry for the unique conditions of your overhead.
  • Providing ongoing consultative support to address the dynamics of your operations.


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