Dorf Ketal’s rapid growth in petrochemicals is the direct result of listening to what customers need and then developing problem solving services and unique chemistries that work. You face a dynamic ever-changing production environment.  Our dedicated research team has created a broad portfolio of solutions that deliver the high-performance, efficient, and reliable results you demand. 

Ethylene production – From the furnaces on the front end through the fractionation systems on the back end, our suite of innovative products solve problems that eat away at your profitability with losses in efficiency and reliability.   Improvements in control of emulsions, corrosion and polymerization extend the operational lifetime of your quench, caustic tower and compressor systems, allowing you to unlock the profit potential in your under-performing assets. 

Styrene production – Our newly developed, powerful activation technology dramatically reduces the equilibrium levels of polymer formed during the processing of styrene monomer.  No matter how good your polymer control is now, it  can be better.  Why burn styrene as waste when you can sell it as product? 

Butadiene production – Our unique anti-foulant technology reduces losses to polymerization and stabilizes the product for shipping and storage, allowing you to improve on the value of every day’s production. 

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