Commitment and focus on core markets is a strength that has enabled Dorf Ketal to become a leader in innovative solutions. Our deep knowledge of the petroleum and specialty chemicals industries provides us with insights on market developments and trends. We use this insight in customer focused discovery to identify solutions which helps our customers enhance their competitive position in their markets. Solutions which deliver value that can be quantified, provided with certainty and delivered with speed.

Refining - Crude oil refining process solutions provide innovative expertise from desalting through distillation, Delayed Cokers, Visbreakers, and hydro-treaters.

Petrochemicals - Innovation and service delivers performance, efficiency and reliability to Ethylene, Styrene and Butadiene processes.

Specialty Catalysts - Tyzor® organometallic catalysts and cross-linkers and Unilink™ and Clearlink™ catalysts and aromatic and aliphatic chain extenders improve your products and manufacturing processes.

Lubricant Additives Components - Unique lubricant additives protect your machinery, extend the life of your lubricants and help you achieve sustainability goals for fuel efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Fuel Terminal & Cargo Treatments - Innovative chemistry and services deliver fuel treatment solutions to upgrade your fuel quality and meet industry requirements.

Pulp & Paper - Specialty Chemical process solutions built on the IES Concept increase runnability and improve product quality.

Custom Manufacturing - Contracting Dorf Ketal’s reactive manufacturing expertise allows customers to focus on what they do best.

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