The FCR series of chloride guard catalysts are used in typical application of chloride (HCl) and Halogenate removal from feedstock in Refinery and Petrochemical applications.

Our specially promoted alumina chloride guard catalysts (FCR Series) are excellent in performance in overcoming green oil formation, corrosion and fouling problems and have high chloride pick-up upto 22% wt/wt.

Our chloride guard catalyst have typical applications in chloride removal in Catalytic Reforming / CCR units, reforming unit of H2 plant upstream of ZnO bed and other high chloride content streams in refinery to avoid corrosion/fouling of downstream equipments/ vessels.



Modified Alumina based catalyst.

Areas of Application

Suitable for vapor phase chloride removal application in various hydrocarbon process streams from ambient to high temperature. Good resistance to green oil formation


Specially prepared promoted alumina with optimum surface area, pore structure & pore volume with excellent crush strength of the catalyst. Available as extrudates of 3, 4 and 5 mm diameter, white in colour.

Areas of Application

Used for HCl & Organic chloride removal from feedstock in hydrocarbon processing industries to values typically less than 0.1 ppm. FCR-91 also removes other halogen compounds like HI, HF etc. present in the feedstock. Green Oil Formation is significantly reduced.

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