Dorf Ketal MAXSCAV™ products control or eliminate H2S and mercaptan odors in pulp and paper mills and from penetrating to nearby urban centers. MAXSCAV™ is new patent pending technology that dramatically increases the molar efficiency of MEA-triazine and other chemistries including MMA-triazine, Glyoxal and zinc-based scavengers. The reduction in MEA-triazine required to scavenge the H2S offers potential to significantly decrease line item chemical expense.  

Application Program

Process Pre-Engineering is a rigorous assessment process our specialist team performs to ensure the success of the program in your operation. Interviews are conducted and data is collected to formulate the MAXSCAV™ program including product selection, service program development and operations training. The steps we follow are:

  • Pre-engineering to establish the most cost-effective application points
  • Selection of chemistry based on the system and process requirements and IESConcept
  • Design and supply of conventional or automated dosing systems
  • ROI and eROI calculation report
  • Business Review meeting


Dorf Ketal offers a full range of support and services to effectively control odor including;

  • Lab and Field Evaluation
  • Appropriate Equipment
  • Application Services including dosing and stock control, process KPIs management and more
  • Training
  • Experienced specialist team


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