Our catalysts and adsorbents are well established in numerous applications, such as: Sulfur and Chloride/Halide removal catalysts for feedstock treatment in Syngas/Catalytic Reforming Processes, Hydrogenation-Dehydrogenation in fine chemicals industry, Arsine Removal & Selective Hydrogenation in Petrochemical Industry, De-Oxo, Volatile Organic Combustion, Ammonia Cracking, Desiccation and Catalyst Bed Support. Recently, we have commercialized a special grade of Catalyst for Removal of Organic Sulfur Compounds from Liquid Phase to take care of upsets in Hydro-treating Process.

Our broad customer base includes Middle East and South East Asian markets besides the domestic market in India and also expanding activity in the European Market. All our catalysts are developed in our in-house R&D center.

We have ever growing list of satisfied customers with its excellent performing products and technical services and is looking forward to expand customer portfolio in global market in coming times.

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