You need a cost effective way to reduce the growth of wax crystals in your diesel, biodiesel and heating fuels to increase the yield and avoid plugging fuel filters. 

Dorf Ketal’s CFI additives were developed to protect against engine failure while providing blending and operational flexibility. These additives also improve the low-temperature handling properties of biofuels, petroleum fuels, residual oil and crude oils, positively affecting your refinery’s gross margins. Low temperature performance of middle distillates can be defined by these key properties: 

  • Cloud Point: The temperature at which wax crystals are first visible; nucleation of wax crystals.
  • Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP): An indication of vehicle low temperature operability. At temperatures close to the cloud point, fuel system filters in vehicles become blocked.
  • Pour Point: The lowest temperature at which fuel will flow, interlocking wax crystal formation that prevents flow.
Our CFI additives provide reductions in all three key areas that affect the growth of wax crystals in middle distillates. 

Our formulations:
  • Offer a broad range of additives for all fuel types
  • Are tested and stored locally for reduced lead times and quick delivery
  • Passed the “No Harm & Compatibility” test
  • Can be used with other additives

Our Products
Cloud Point Depressants for diesel

  • SR1630

Cold Filter Plugging Point Improvers

  • SR1649
  • SR1690
  • SR1677

Pour Point Depressants for fuel oil

  • SR1637

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