Dorf Ketal Chemicals is a global leader in the development, commercialization, marketing and application of specialty engineered chemistries for the refining and petrochemical industries. Founded in 1992, Dorf Ketal has demonstrated product and service excellence in the largest refineries and petrochemical plants in the world.

Dorf Ketal is outperforming long established competitors to gain market share in some of the most technically challenging and mission critical applications in your operations. We are doing this with new chemistry and service ideas that are more responsive to your needs and pragmatic to apply.

Our portfolio of technologies is world class. Our success in bringing them to market is dominant in India, Brazil, and SE Asia, and we continue to grow in other regions. There are many reasons why it’s beneficial for you to have a dynamic new company in your supply chain to offset decades of supplier consolidation designed to reduce competitive intensity.

If you’re not yet familiar with the new ways Dorf Ketal is beating older competitors and gaining dominance, talk to us to learn how we’re doing it. We’re confident you will want to learn more.

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