When your terminal or cargo operation needs expertise to improve product quality and profitability, you need Dorf Ketal and its time-sensitive services. Dorf Ketal’s strong supply chain management, application expertise and refinery experience combine to deliver approved additives that meet the urgency of industry demands, 24/7. We provide innovative, guaranteed solutions for Fuel Terminal and Cargo Fuel Treatments, stocking inventory around the world for our global customers’ terminals. Plus, we partner with one of the world’s top treatment and inspection companies.

Dorf Ketal’s field engineers are trained to:

  • Deliver treatment recommendations to increase the value of your fuel
  • Support Cargo treatment companies around the world
  • Help improve profitability
  • Provide onsite monitoring and analyses, predictive models and proprietary reporting.

Our terminal and cargo additives include antioxidants, cold-flow and conductivity improvers, dehazers, H2S and mercaptan scavengers, octane and cetane improvers, lubricity improvers, metal deactivators, diesel stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors.

Let us help you turn any fuel into a premium, saleable product.

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