Our popular line of additives for adhesives and sealants, Tyzor®, Clearlink® and Unilink®, offer a variety of functional and processing benefits.

Targeted, easier-to-use additives for adhesives, sealants

Tyzor®, Clearlink® and Unilink® products are formulated to provide the right tool for the job during the manufacture of adhesives and sealants.  These additives can be employed as cure catalysts to accelerate curing, adhesion promotion to improve bond strength and as chain extenders to modify urethane system properties.

Applications include the production and processing of polyurethanes, polyacrylate, silyl end-capped polymers and silicones, natural rubber, epoxy resins, acrylics and other non-aqueous sealants and adhesives. Common uses for Tyzor, Clearlink and Unilink include industrial adhesives and sealants, load-bearing construction sealants, solar panel sealants and batch production processes. 

They can also be employed in alkoxy curing systems as a cross-linker providing excellent curing and enhanced adhesion to difficult substrates. Encapsulation of the pre-polymers provides added stability to finished products.


Product /



Water-based Epoxy, PU, PVA, Acrylic

Epoxy, PU

RTV Silicon


 Tyzor 217




 Tyzor 9000



 Tyzor AA-75/105




 Tyzor IBAY




 Tyzor LA




 Tyzor OGT







 Tyzor TE




 Tyzor 722




 Tyzor 726




 Tyzor 728




 Unilink 1030



 Unilink 4200




 Unilink 4230





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