Refinery Operations covering Crude Distillation, Thermal processes, Deasphalting system, Aromatic extraction system, Asphalt extraction system, Visbreaking operations and Amine extraction system are prone to foaming problems and a well selected defoamer can enhance production and reduce contamination significantly for the refinery. Backed up by our research in surface active materials, well targetted products are available from our organisation suited for these applications individually.

Our Defoamers meet the criteria of cost efficiency, ease of handling, specificity of action, absence of adverse effects on refining and the products are environmentally safe, and are in commercial use in refineries.


1) FILSIL Series:

SIMETHICONE TYPE Defoamer Compound.

Appearance: White/Grey coloured liquid.


Flammability Flash Point > 200°C
Flow Characteristics Free flowing viscous liquid

Suggested Applications:

  • As Defoamer in non-aqueous industrial uses, resin, latex, distillations, paint systems and petroleum processing.

2) FILIX-83 Series:


Appearance: White/Off-white liquid.


Flammability Flash Point > 170°C
Flow Characteristics Viscous liquid readily dispersible in aqueous system for use.

Suggested Applications:

FILIX-83 is suitable for

  • Dyes and intermediates product manufacturing process application.
  • Foam control in coolant circulation system in Steel Rolling Mills.
  • Refinery operation.
  • Latex processing.

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