Tramp amines are a growing issue for the refining industry and are increasing the need for reliable amine removal in Crude Units. Amines sources include corrosion inhibitors, biocides and H2S scavengers used in oil production, transportation and refining. 

Increased water recycling within your refinery increases ammonia loading and reduces the potential for the amines to be purged from the system. This vicious cycle increases the pH of the desalter, stabilizing the emulsion and increasing the rag layer, while also increasing the amine content of the desalted oil. This leads to increased deposition of amine salts and the potential for overhead corrosion. Neutralizing amines are commonly added to treat the overhead which further increases the amine loading of the system. 

Amine Removal Agent 

Dorf Ketal’s Amine Removal Agent is a non-acid additive used in conjunction with an emulsion breaker in your desalter. This patent pending technology is designed to reduce the levels of tramp amines coming in with the crude and desalter wash water.  By removing these amines in the desalter, there is an associated reduction in the potential for amine chloride salt deposition in the crude tower overhead, as indicated by the lower amine salt point temperatures. The corrosion risk in crude column overhead is reduced by breaking the amine cycle without the safety risks of adding acid.

The Amine Removal Agent is based on aldehyde chemistry and is well known to react with amines and ammonia in the crude, forming imines that are easier to remove from the crude.   The amine removal agent and the imines are biodegradable in wastewater treatment plants.


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