With tramp amines becoming a growing issue for the refining industry, you need to find reliable Amine Removal in Crude Units. Amines sources include corrosion inhibitors, biocides and H2S Scavengers used in oil production, transportation and refining. 

When increased water recycling within your refinery increases ammonia loading, it also reduces the potential for the amines to be purged from the system. This vicious cycle increases the pH of the desalter, stabilizing the emulsion and extending the rag layer, while increasing the amine content of the desalted oil. This leads to increased deposition of amine salts and the potential for overhead corrosion. To treat the overhead, neutralizing amines are added, further increasing the amine loading of the system. 

Dorf Ketal’s Amine Removal offers: 

  • A non-acid chemistry targeting tramp amines/ammonia, converting them into water soluble imines
  • The reduction of the amines/ammonia, while improving the oil/water separation and desalter performance
  • Unreacted product that is highly water-soluble

 As a result of this process, the product and reactants are biodegradable in wastewater treatment plants. 

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