At Dorf Ketal, research is the means. The starting points are a client’s goals, strategies and expectations, yet it transcends these to create a new, better reality. Our research is transformative.

We commit more than 20,000 man-hours annually to research and development and fully 10% of our annual revenues are reinvested in R&D.

The research development teams at Dorf Ketal deliver innovative process chemicals with applications in refining, petrochemical and polymer production, plus unique chemistries for fuel treatment, lubricant additives, organo-metallic catalysts and crosslinkers.

Our scientists and engineers move ideas from the lab quickly into demanding simulation testing and then customer field evaluation. These new product successes are taken to the pilot plant for scale-up studies and then moved into our manufacturing operations for reliable production.

When you partner with Dorf Ketal, you experience a company that is:

  • Experienced in inventing new chemistries to solve difficult challenges
  • Agile and responsive to your needs
  • Dedicated to delivering results you can measure 

Your cost-effective, measurable improvement = our success

The Dorf Ketal research and development team is based in in Taloja, India. However, R&D extends throughout our company, with scientists and engineers working together to solve our customers’most demanding problems. Examples of our game-changing products include:

  • ACtify® - Instantly lowers equilibrium levels of polymer in styrene monomer distillation systems.
  • Tyzor® ACtivate® - A PET catalyst for bottle, film and polyester fiber that reduces melt phase cost-in-use.
  • TANSCIENT™ offers safer, more reliable corrosion protection for refining of high TAN opportunity crudes. It delivers more effective passivation and ongoing protection with up to 80% less phosphorus than competitor HTCI products.
  • Tailored process chemical solutions to improve desalting performance, such as:
    • Metals Removal Technologies  – New organic acid and non-acid solutions for sweet and sour crudes to remove metals and eliminate stable emulsions of water insoluble solids. Also prevents downstream issues in the overhead and catalyst systems.
    • Amine Removal in Crude Units – New, non-acid chemistry sequesters amine and improves control of overhead salting and corrosion control.

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