Owing to our technological strengths in the field of coating chemicals, we have emerged as a major source of coating chemicals for Electrical Steel over the past 2 decades.

What started as an “Import substitution” effort has sailed along to price and performance effective support to the Electrical Steel Manufacturers and processors in a dynamically changing environment. Globalization and technology upgradation requirements calling for innovativeness and adaptation to high line speeds, lower coating thickness, change-over to more eco-friendly coating materials, have been well addressed by our organization.

Our products are developed in its R&D center which has dedicated equipment and personnel for coatings development and testing. This strong technological knowhow has helped us develop a strong base of products which has led to established supplies to over 90% of India’s leading Electrical Steel manufacturers and down-stream users. 

With high production capacities and state of the art Quality Control, our coating chemicals are poised to cater to the international markets, with good performance specifications over fully processed Electrical Steel.

We possess a wide range of coating chemicals from C-3, C-5 and C-6 classes which are suitable for various coating systems with varying line speeds. These products are also compliant with the European standards (ROHS) for coating chemicals.

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