November 16, 2018 – Supermajors have filed twenty four (24) patent applications in the past five years on innovative approaches to rag management.  There is widespread interest in improving desalting and overcoming rag issues is an industry focus. Gaining control of rag in desalter operations is critical to processing opportunity crudes. The rag layer is a difficult to process physical barrier that reduces the workable capacity of the desalter. Its presence can make mud washing difficult and the turbulence of mud washing can deteriorate brine quality, disrupt operation of the downstream wastewater treatment facilities and it can increase slop production.

Download Dorf Ketal’s presentation at Opportunity Crude Conference 2018 (Download may require registration). The presentation discusses mechanisms of rag layer formation and strategies for reducing the impact of rag layer on desalting.  Predictive lab data on controlling rag layer and field case studies is presented along with new chemical strategies that improve rag layer management to increase crude flexibility without capital investment.