October 28th, 2019, Singapore -  It was an honour to be part of the Global Summit on Process Safety 2019. This event was attended by over 300 local and international workplace safety and health (WSH) practitioners, including the industry elites and Singapore Minister of State & National Development, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, to connect and share their best practices, Dorf Ketal thanks the initiatives taken by SCIC, MOM, PCS to adopt the safety culture in Singapore workplace. It is our endeavour at Dorf Ketal, to ensure the usage of the least toxic chemicals in the industry for the operator’s well-being and foster a safer and healthier workplace. Many chemicals handled and processed daily in the energy and chemicals industry are hazardous. Improper management of these chemicals could pose dire consequences to our workers, workplaces and communities. DMDS and DNBP are among the chemicals which Dorf Ketal has taken the initiative to replace with safer alternatives.