May 12th, 2020 - Dorf Ketal Chemicals today dispatched it's Patented Actify series of Green Retarder and Styrene Polymer Inhibitor from it’s Mundra plant to LG Polymers, Vizag, where there was a serious gas leak reported on Thursday, the 7th of May in the morning. The Dorf Ketal product would be added into the tanks of the styrene stored at LG Polymers, Vizag. This will prevent further degradation and hence another probable gas leak, thereby ensuring the site is safe. 

Since the requirement was urgently needed at Vizag, the Indian Air Force, flew two sorties of it's AN32 aircraft to Mundra, where it picked up Dorf Ketal's material from the Adani Airstrip, near to the Dorf Ketal Plant.

Since the Adani Airstrip was not a commercial airport, the material was loaded into the aircraft by the Dorf Ketal employees themselves and with their equipments.

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