June 7th, 2022, Brazil: DORF KETAL LATIN AMERICA LAUNCHES SULSAFE™. One of Dorf Ketal's core values is innovation. After being successfully launched in Asia and already having commercial applications in py-gas furnaces of petrochemical plants, SULSAFE™ technology was launched in Latin America during the WINTER SALES MEETING, which celebrated 20 years of Dorf Ketal Brazil.

The event was attended by Dorf ketal Latin America's downstream sales team and was conducted by Joice Boll (Downstream Technical Support - Global), Vivek Srinivasan (Downstream Technical Support - Global), and Fernanda Amano (Downstream Technical Support – Latin America). The launch section was designed by the Marketing Team of Dorf Ketal Latin America, under the coordination of Reinaldo Nascimento (Marketing Director | LATAM and PFA Global Marketing Lead).

 It was the whole technology launch event ever held in the region. The set of technical documents developed by the Technical Support team, led by Parag Shah, produced excellent quality content that served as the basis for the preparation of regulatory documents (PDS, MSDS), TMD (Technical Marketing Document), Case Studies, Ben Duffy Questions, Brochure, Gifts, Surveys, Banner, etc.

SULSAFE™ Technology is innovative and will compete by replacing DMDS/DMS, a market reference product for use as a pre-sulfiding agent for HDT catalysts, and a py-gas furnace coke inhibitor.

For more information about SULSAFE™ Technology, please contact us at https://www.dorfketal.com/contact-us.