October 24, 2016 – Dorf Ketal will be presenting and exhibiting at Rio Oil & Gas, October 24-27, 2016 in Riocentro - Rio de Janeiro. Dorf Ketal will be presenting two technical papers addressing Flow Assurance at the 18th edition of the Rio Oil & Gas Conference. Development and Field Evaluation of Flow Improver Product” has the participation of Petrobras. “Scale Inhibitors Evaluation for Umbilical Application in Producing Wells of Pre-Salt” addresses the challenges of oil production in the pre-salt and presents performance data on proprietary Dorf Ketal chemical technologies. SynTreat, a synergistic combination of Dorf Ketal product technologies for oil & gas production will be showcased at the Dorf Ketal exhibit stall. Join us at Rio Oil & Gas to learn more or visit us here.

October 12, 2016 – “Safer, More Effective Polymer Prevention with ACtify® Technology”, a technical presentation was delivered at the Clariant Styrene Seminar 2016 in Xi’an, China. The presentation delivered an update of the Dorf Ketal activator technology that is improving yields in styrene monomer plants and setting a new standard for polymer control.  The paper included commercial data from four styrene plants including data demonstrating the excellent performance of ACtify®, a non-toxic, low-nitrogen retarder.

October 11, 2016 – Dorf Ketal presents at the Opportunity Crude Conference in Houston a new desalter chemistry to help refiners improve refining margins. Dorf Ketal has invented a new class of desalter chemistry called “reactive adjunct chemistry” that offers step change improvements in desalting efficiency and amine removal.



For refiners that are desalting limited in selection of economically advantaged crudes or who are considering capital investment to expand desalting capacity, this new technology offers a low cost way of expanding desalting capacity and reducing risk of overhead corrosion problems caused by the presence of tramp amines.

Join us at the Opportunity Crude Conference to learn more or visit us here.