November 26, 2013 - Amine and Ammonia Management in Modern Refinery was presented by P.N. Ramaswamy at the Opportunity and Challenged Crude Conference in Singapore (25-26 November, 2013).The presentation focused on challenges in Modern refinery and .

Opportunity and Challenged Crude Conference provides industry leaders with the latest update on opportunity and challenged crude market as well as an understanding that these difficult crudes are crudes of opportunity.

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November 21, 2013 - Key changes in feedstock and how additives can help in making the most of the price differentials was presented by P.N. Ramaswamy at the European Refinery Technology Conference in Budapest, November 19-21, 2013.The Presentation and paper was focused on key changes in feed stock and chemical additives.

ERTC prides itself on being a platform for a large number of case studies from refiners looking to demonstrate how they have overcome operational challenges often in tandem with world leading vendors. These case studies can be found within our varied mix of streams, ranging from refinery optimization, energy efficiency to revamps for feedstock flexibility.

Please click on the presentation title to download a copy of the presentation Key Changes in Feedstock.

Nov. 6, 2013 - Technip Ethylene Forum -   “Innovative CGC Fouling Control”  is the title of a presentation delivered by Kyle Mankin at the Inaugural Technip Ethylene Forum hosted in City of Industries, California (Nov 4-7, 2013).  Dorf Ketal was a Gold Sponsor for this conference that included more than 160 attendees from Technip (Stone & Webster) licensed ethylene plants.  The paper focused on Dorf Ketal’s holistic approach to controlling fouling in cracked gas compressor systems, allowing customers to operate up to 5 years between cleanings.  

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Please click here to download a copy of the paper Innovative CGC Fouling Control.