October 28th, 2019, Singapore -  It was an honour to be part of the Global Summit on Process Safety 2019. This event was attended by over 300 local and international workplace safety and health (WSH) practitioners, including the industry elites and Singapore Minister of State & National Development, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, to connect and share their best practices, Dorf Ketal thanks the initiatives taken by SCIC, MOM, PCS to adopt the safety culture in Singapore workplace. It is our endeavour at Dorf Ketal, to ensure the usage of the least toxic chemicals in the industry for the operator’s well-being and foster a safer and healthier workplace. Many chemicals handled and processed daily in the energy and chemicals industry are hazardous. Improper management of these chemicals could pose dire consequences to our workers, workplaces and communities. DMDS and DNBP are among the chemicals which Dorf Ketal has taken the initiative to replace with safer alternatives.

October 1st – 4th, 2019 – The 8th edition of LARTC, the single largest annual regional gathering of Latin America’s refining and petrochemical leaders is being held 1-4 October, 2019 in Cartagena COLOMBIA.  Four days of multi streamed strategic and technical content will address the innovations and technologies specifically relevant to the needs of Latin America’s refineries and Petrochemical plants. A special focus will be placed on the key shifts in global demand including the rise in electric vehicles and the strategic role for downstream stakeholders in biofuels production, renewable plastics and technological advances to support increased energy efficiency. Learn more about LARTC 2019 https://lartc.wraconferences.com/

Dorf Ketal is proud to sponsor LARTC 2019. Our Latin America team will participate in a special Round Table discussion on advanced laboratory protocols for developing chemical treatments to support processing of new feedstocks. Dorf Ketal Chemicals is the leader in new chemistries for Oil and Gas Upstream and Downstream process chemical solutions in the crude oil refining and petrochemical industries. Dorf Ketal also serves the global fuel additives market with a broad portfolio of products and services and the grease and lubricant market with component additives. New to the Dorf Ketal product and business platforms is Catalysts and Adsorbents for the Upstream and Downstream hydrocarbon industry.

September 06, 2019 – Dorf Ketal is a proud sponsor of the 20th CBCat (Brazilian Congress of Catalysis) the largest gathering of catalysts specialists within Latin America. The event will take place in São Paulo from September 1st to 7th, 2019, at the CDI - USP Auditorium, University of São Paulo.

“20th CBCat: Expanding the Frontiers of Catalysis” addresses the competitive challenges the Latin American chemical industry faces by asking companies to form an  innovation ecosystem comprised of universities, start-up companies and specialized companies to exponentially accelerate the development of technologies to build a competitive advantage. Dorf Ketal, an innovation leader is an integral part of this ecosystem.

Dorf Ketal´s catalysts and adsorbents are well established in numerous applications, such as: Sulfur and Chloride/Halide removal catalysts for feedstock treatment in Syngas/Catalytic Reforming Processes, Hydrogenation-Dehydrogenation in fine chemicals industry, Arsine Removal & Selective Hydrogenation in Petrochemical Industry, De-Oxo, Volatile Organic Combustion, Ammonia Cracking, Desiccation and Catalyst Bed Support. 

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