July 12, 2019 –  Operating flexibility to process opportunity crudes is fundamental to refinery competitiveness. Predicting desalter readiness to handle a change in crude slate is difficult to do. Nigel Hilton, Dorf Ketal, USA, explains why it is difficult to predict a desalter’s ability to handle a change in crude slate and offers a new solution to combat the problem. These new tools help the refiner answer this question more efficiently and accurately. These tools also have the potential to increase the ability of the existing equipment to handle more difficult desalting challenges and protect the overhead system from increased risk of corrosion.

Follow this link to download your copy of the July 2019 Hydrocarbon Engineering reprint “A Golden Opportunity”

May 7, 2019 - Is your desalter ready for opportunity crudes?” is a fundamental question of refinery competitiveness.  This question is addressed in a new video produced jointly by Dorf Ketal and OpportunityCrudes.com. The video provides valuable information on:

  • Best practices for managing current desalter operation
  • Engineering, laboratory, and field trial components involved in assessing and improving desalter readiness for opportunity crudes
  • New technologies for improving desalter readiness without capital investment

The 30 minute video serves a wide audience including managers responsible for refinery competitiveness, crude unit engineers, corrosion engineers, crude buyers, and those responsible for environmental compliance.  It is part of the Opportunity Crudes Management Seminar (OCMS) series library of free videos on the website; registration is required to view the material.

We invite you to view it at OpportunityCrudes.com.

February 20, 2019 - The Dorf Ketal Opportunity Crudes Seminar brings together skilled professionals in Malaga, Spain on March 13-14, 2019 to provide new technologies and ideas to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processing opportunity crudes. At this seminar, experts will share new perspectives on innovative ways to stretch desalter limits, process more high TAN crudes and overcome kero section fouling to increase refinery reliability and profitability. The shared knowledge will help refinery operations leaders improve throughput, reduce risk and increase the time between costly turnarounds. For more information, view the brochure, contact your local representative or email us at bvadmin@dorfketal.com  to register for this intensive 1-day workshop.